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Enough by Patrick Rhone


A. Tabone

What is “enough”? 

The author compares our quest to find what is enough for us to a tight rope artist who has to find the right balance, based on both her/his center of gravity and the conditions of the surrounding environment, to be able to walk the rope. We must regularly question everything we do and use to assess what is enough for us.

Time and attention are the most important resources we have. Enough is when we allot these resources, with care, to the activities we value most.

The tools we use should match our initial intentions to use them. We must treat our environments (home, office, entertainment, etc) as sacred, leaving out of them what is irrelevant, and thus allowing these environments to help us focus on the current purpose.

Saying “No” to something is actually saying “Yes” to something else. It is ok to miss out on things that seem urgent but are usually not important, such as social media and breaking news.

We should embrace limitations.

“Creating limits often helps foster creative solutions to seemingly difficult problems.”

The author also ponders on the cost of things: the cost of adding features in a software application, the effort it takes for a cup of coffee to be prepared. Nothing is free, everything has a cost (such as the hidden intentions of social media sites).

The book describes methods to identify what is enough, some of which are:

  • switching the time we allot to activities, for a period of time, in order to learn to re-value and re-prioritize activities
  • finding time for solitude
  • managing emails (use it at specific time periods, unsubscribe from irrelevant news letters, treat it as sacred)
  • the 3 chairs exercise: communication in solitude (oneself), friendship (one-to-one), and society (many-to-many)

Enough is a personal metric. This book is a cry for questioning our lifestyle, in search of the right balance we must hit in order to live life to the full.

“Enough is the realization and recognition of the truth of our existence.”

I highly recommend this book. The perspectives given by the author will make you question your activities and act to improve your life. It is a short book, a collection of short essays which are easy to read. A few interludes between some of the essays make the book even richer.

You can get your copy of Enough from this link:

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